About this Course

Humans tend to look outside of themselves for happiness, when in fact happiness begins on an internal level. Nothing in the world can make us happy unless we are fundamentally happy ourselves. What does any of this have to do with dogs? The obvious answer is that people look externally to dogs for happiness. You certainly don’t get a dog to make your life worse. The less obvious answer is that your misguided search for external happiness might be the cause of your dog’s unhappiness. 

But there is a different way with Sit. Stay. Breathe. Acclaimed dog behaviorist expert Brad Bevill (Bevill Dog Behavior) and renowned author and meditation teacher Miguel Chen (Dallas Meditation Center, Blossom Yoga) have teamed up to create a course where the dog’s wellbeing is equally important to the human’s. This is a course where humans and dogs help each other be well in bodymind, and heart

 “While we all inherently know how important our own mental, physical, and spiritual health is, I think we forget that our dog's mental, physical, and spiritual health is just as important. What’s amazing is how the two are connected. To have a more balanced and happy dog, we must be more balanced and happy ourselves.” -Brad Bevill, Bevill Dog Behavior

Sit. Stay. Breathe offers practical tools and concepts that anybody can implement to improve their dogs' well-being and well-being. Through practices such as simple meditation and mindful walking, students will learn how to balance their relationship with their dog and grow in the process. Happier dogs live with happier humans and Sit. Stay. Breathe. shows the way.

"As a lifelong student of philosophy and spiritual practice, I have learned that all beings are connected. None of us can ever be truly happy and free until all of us are happy and free, and this certainly includes our dogs. Together, dogs and humans can work toward a more balanced, peaceful life, that's what Sit. Stay. Breathe. is all about.” -Miguel Chen, Dallas Meditation Center and Blossom Yoga

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